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  • Korosh Farazad

Best Ways To Motivate Staff In Difficult Times

Through the uncertain times and with the changes of the modern world - How do you keep your staff motivated? Get inspired by some of these tips.

Motivation is most usually depleted in times of uncertainty. Uncertainty is the enemy

of an organisation - when staff are demotivated, output and energy flops. The past couple

of years have been some of the most uncertain for decades and I have had to work

hard, in innovative ways, to propel our businesses forward in the face of adversity.

“There is no business without an 'us'.”

In today’s world, flexitime and hybrid or remote offices are the norm. Gone are the

days that a business needs firm hours and a compulsory office - in fact, employees no

longer stand for it. Micromanaging and looking over junior shoulders is no longer

viable and leaders and managers must look to new means of driving their team.

Make your team feel valued

The first step in uncertainty is to remind your staff that you are ‘one’. As a leader it is

important to even yourself out with your subordinates and reassure them that you are

a team - if they go, there is no us. There is no business without an ‘us’.

The key to motivating them from here is to incentivise them. Give them responsibility

with tasks outside of their usual remits - ones that are helping the business get out

of these sticky situations. This makes them feel needed and worthy of their roles,

incentivising them to progress forward in a positive manner. To really demonstrate this,

promote them. Do this with only one or two people, maximum, but promote them to

a higher or more complex role. This immediately shows that the business is not going

anywhere and creates a role model for the other staff, motivating the full force.

Now everyone’s in their swing, we have to keep up the momentum. Feeling the team

spirit is non-negotiable in boosting morale and encouraging good work ethic. We may

not be together physically but this does not stop us connecting virtually. Create a team

WhatsApp chat and communicate regularly throughout the day. When communication

is flowing, people are reminded that others are working and no one wants to be left


Group chats are also a great way to maintain a company culture of recognition and

appreciation. An employee that feels underappreciated or overlooked will be the first

to lose motivation and engagement. When there is a win at work, praise those responsible

to the whole group. In the absence of a physical pat on the back in front of their

peers, give them a shout out on the virtual group chat and reward them, publicly. Prove

to everyone that credit’s given when credit’s due.

"Recognising personal achievements reminds staff you see them as more than just your employees."

It’s also worth noting here that not all milestones celebrated have to be work-related.

Commend the birthdays, engagements, marathon runs and more, and send gifts to

show this - e-cards or gift boxes through the mail. Recognising personal achievements

reminds staff you see them as more than just your employees.

Nevertheless, don’t wave goodbye to real life events entirely. Sporadic team outings

are great for lifting spirits and decreasing the risk of burnout. Surprise the team with a

lunch out at a sought-after restaurant or a day off when the sun is shining. These fun

acts of appreciation keep the work atmosphere light in otherwise dark times.


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