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Korosh Farazad has made himself successful in global finance with an innovative approach to structured financing.


​Founder and Chairman of Farazad Group of Companies

Shareholder of KIT Hotel Capital  |  Author  |  Speaker

Korosh Farazad Book Full Disclosure Time is Money, How to Get Shit Done


Korosh Farazad is the visionary Founder and Chairman spearheading the Farazad Group of Companies, while also holding a pivotal role as a Shareholder at KIT Hotel (KITH) Capital. As a trailblazing entrepreneur, Korosh is committed to upholding market integrity and has carved a path with his innovative and unconventional approach to Structured Financing.


Farazad Group Ltd oversees subsidiary companies including Farazad Investments, Farazad Advisory, Farazad Ventures, Farazad Facility Services, and HYDE Recruitment Ltd – each contributing to his commitment to excellence in global finance.


At the forefront of the companies' achievements, Korosh's unique strategies have not only fueled success but have also attracted international recognition from regulatory bodies actively seeking his expertise. His transparent financing approach and forward-thinking have given rise to an award-winning in-house financing formula. This formula, now praised by international institutions, serves as a benchmark for those aspiring to enhance traditional funding methodologies. In the dynamic landscape of finance, Korosh Farazad stands as a pioneering force, reshaping paradigms and establishing new standards of excellence in line with evolving industry trends and market demands.

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Farazad Investments logo - Empowering global investment opportunities and financial solutions.
Farazad Advisory logo - Guiding strategic financial decisions and innovative solutions.
Farazad Facility Services logo - Delivering excellence in facility management solutions.
Farazad Ventures logo - Pioneering entrepreneurial endeavors and investment ventures.
HYDE Recruitment Ltd provides customized solutions for the hiring process in the UK
Korosh Farazad is a trusted professional in the field of structured financing especially in hospitality investments.

CSR Projects

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

A special luncheon was organised and sponsored Farazad Advisory to support in honour of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation, represented by HRH The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex KG GCVO. This bespoke event was held in the presence of HM Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore and hosted by HM Consul General of Istanbul Leigh Turner CMG.
Client: The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation
Date: 16th October 2015 Venue: The British Consulate Istanbul

Christmas Together

Mr. Farazad volunteered on Christmas Day and was assigned to extremely vulnerable young adults. The special Christmas Day was for Care Leavers that have no family or anyone to spend Christmas with. A safe environment was provided for the Care Leavers with a full 3 course Christmas lunch with presents and many activities we had over 150 attendees and truly made Christmas Day special for all.

Fund Raising Mexico City

Farazad Investments sponsored and assisted to organise a fund raising event in Mexico City on Tuesday, November 7th 2017 for the earthquake victims, 7 weeks after the horrific incident. The special event, invited the business community and foreign dignitaries, to support local charity AMISTAD Británico-Mexicana, whose efforts have been critical in helping victims of the earthquake, by rebuilding schools and hospitals of the affected communities.

Cuba Delegation With British Embassy

Farazad Advisory was a main organiser of a Financial and Investment Trade Delegation of British Companies taken to Havana Cuba in partnership with the British Embassy Havana.The Delegation will provided a focused approach to understanding the local market with in depth dialogue and key introductions to the industry leaders. The primary objective was to identify and facilitate alternative financial sources for investments, export and credit government services, and new banking routes to develop commercial operations with Cuban banks as well as to identify new business opportunity within the banking sector.

HM Trade Envoy Lord Janvrin

Sponsored dinner for HM Trade Envoy Lord Janvrin visited Turkey in an official capacity, with guest of honour Rahmi Koc and attendance of HM Consul General Leigh Turner CMG and various distinguished members of the Istanbul’s business community.

Client: British Embassy Turkey & British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey

Date: 26th November 2014 Venue: Jumeirah Pera Palace, Istanbul

Hosting Lord Livingston

Lord Livingston visited Turkey along with a business trade delegation of British companies in various sectors. A private dinner was arranged to host Lord Livingston and the business delegation alongside potential Turkish business partners. Guests of honour included HM British Ambassador to Turkey and Rahmi Koc.

Client: British Embassy Turkey & BCCT Date: 23rd February 2015

Venue: Koc Museum Istanbul

Summer Garden Party

Sponsored the Summer Garden Party in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II held at The British Consulate in Istanbul, which hosted and welcome dignitaries and distinguished guests, in a very special evening reception in the majestic gardens of the Consulate, celebrating true British heritage and legacy,in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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