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Korosh Farazad's logo - A symbol of visionary leadership and financial excellence.
Korosh Farazad, Founder of Farazad Investments, a visionary leader in the investment banking industry, empowering global access to private equity and financing solutions for medium and large projects worldwide.


Mr. Korosh Farazad

"From humble and inauspicious beginnings to the top of the financial services industry."

Korosh Farazad is the Founder and Chairman of Farazad Group of Companies and Director of KIT Hotel (KITH) Capital.  A visionary entrepreneur, asserting market integrity and an unconventional approach to Structured Financing.


Farazad Group Ltd. consists of the subsidiary companies, Farazad Investments, Farazad Advisory, Farazad Ventures Farazad Facility Services and HYDE Recruitment Ltd.


His unique approach has been at the forefront to the group's success and paved the way for International recognition from regulatory bodies who actively seek out his expertise. It is this transparent approach to financing and creative thinking, which introduced an award winning in-house financing formula, which has been praised by international Institutions aspiring to adopt the formula and enhance traditional funding methodology.

London City

Farazad Group

350 years of  Combined Experience 

Farazad Investments logo - Empowering global investment opportunities and financial solutions.
Farazad Advisory logo - Guiding strategic financial decisions and innovative solutions.
Farazad Facility Services logo - Delivering excellence in facility management solutions.
Farazad Ventures logo - Pioneering entrepreneurial endeavors and investment ventures.
HYDE Recruitment Ltd provides customized solutions for the hiring process in the UK

Farazad Group (FG) represents the new era of the Farazad brand worldwide. The FG portfolio represents a group of companies’ specialist within their industry sector. Our market expertise empowers us to offer diverse prospects to our clients. FG has a strategic approach of adding value through a range of exceptional operations and management.

"This will give you hope where there is fear, confidence where
there is no self-belief, ambitions where there is no drive,
and dreams where there is no goals."
Korosh Farazad Book Full Disclosure
This book will take you from my humble and inauspicious beginnings in Iran to my first job as a stockbroker at Stratton Oakmont in the United States, working alongside the infamous Jordan Belfort, through to when I worked for some of the most renown financial institutions and all the way to my decision to strike out on my own.

Having left my job security behind, I’ll tell how I fought to establish my business and how I eventually grew it into a globally recognised and respected company. I reflect on how my business and I overcame uncertainty and prospered in very difficult and challenging times.

Both a handbook to success in business and a manual to winning in life, this is a fast-paced account that cuts the crap and gets to the point. A practical roadmap to "Get Sh!t Done!" in any industry, it’s filled with intense anecdotes and valuable lessons.

This is also a candid and critical reflection on my over 30 years of experience in sectors ranging from stock brokering to insurance selling to investment banking, mortgage lending, and private equity. Recounting my many triumphs and challenges, I draw succinct lessons from my experiences.

It’s empowering, informative and entertaining; this is my guide to business and life.
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